November 13, 2017

Following the death of some two persons under Police custody, Member of Parliament for Asawase, Mubarak Muntaka Muhammed has appealed to the youth in his constituency to remain calm and allow the police and other law enforcement agencies to do their work.

The MP reported on the floor of Parliament that he received a distressed call from his constituency, Thursday night that two members of my constituency, Awudu Osman and Lukeman, who were in the custody of the police have been shot dead.

Muntaka told the house of parliament.
The police,he said,arrested these two boys to assist them in investigation concerning some guns issues.

In the process of searching the residence of these boys upon reaching the place, that was where the death occurred.

According to him the youth in the Aboabo extension had wanted to react upon hearing the death of the colleagues.

The MP is urging the youth in the constituency to remain calm and allow the security to conduct their investigation into the matter to establish what led to the death of the two boys.

By Christian Kpesese/