Deputy Majority Leader
June 9, 2022

Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo Markin has taken a swipe at the Minority Chief Whip for setting up an agenda for the media to take on the chairman of the Constitutional Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

“You are full of mischief, partisan and political; you were quiet when he was making his submission, where is the Ranking member of the Committee, we are looking for him”.

“Why has the chairman of the Committee been singled out for blame and the issue being personalized? We have both Chairman and Ranking of the Committee, they both confer, chairman alone does not move the committee”.

The Deputy Majority Leader pointed out that the Minority whip should not go after the Chairman of the Committee who is a respected senior member of the House and further added that when the Whip starts speaking the way he has started then they know the “Peace of the House is about being disturbed, he did not make a submission, it came with threat, if we want the committee to speed up its work, leadership should engage the committee and know their problems”.

And if they want them to move with speed of light they should engage them. They, on the Majority side do not accept the submission made by the Minority Chief Whip to single out chairman and subject him to attack and ridicule, when leadership of the Committees are part of the decision, he lamented.

“And your members are part of the committee why single him out and get the media to go after him. The media should know the agenda, Mohammed Muntaka Mubarak is setting”

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/