April 12, 2013

The Member of Parliament for Nabdam constituency, Hon. Boniface Agambilla has contended that several road projects suspended and abandoned in the area were as a result of what he described as ‘management lapses, lack of vision and laziness’.

A number of road projects were within the last 4-5 years awarded for tarring to boost the road infrastructure in the district but these projects were however halted as contractors assigned to discharge works claimed that there were insufficient funds to complete the projects.

The MP in an interaction with Ghanamps.gov.gh expressed worry on the issue and therefore assured to embark on a follow –up to ascertain the real state of the various projects which have been neglected.

These are major feeder roads which include Asonge-Zanlerigu-Pelungu, Pelungu-Sakote, Sakote-Kusunaba, and Pelungu-Nangode junction roads which were awarded for reshape under the ambit of the Department of feeder roads.

Mr. Agambilla said he would double up efforts to ensure that contractors get back to work early as possible to improve the status of the road network in the district.

“MPs are not spending officers, but they can only advocate so the executive will dispatch financial provisions for work to be done”, Mr. Agambilla stressed.

Meanwhile the MP has stated that he would direct attention to improve the water situation and energy delivery programmes in the short term to enhance the wellbeing of his constituents.

Jonathan Adjei/Ghanamps.gov.gh