November 3, 2011

The NDC Member of Parliament for Sege, Alfred Abayateye has “prophesied” that the NPP’s presidential candidate Nana Akufo-Addo will never become president of Ghana.

Speaking on Adom TV’s morning show BADWAM on Multi TV, Mr. Abayateye said “Nana Addo’s eyes will see Canaan, but his foot will be miles away from the promised land. I am prophesying to him that, he will never see the presidential seat. If a whole flagbearer and a presidential aspirant could stand in public and openly insult a sitting president, referring to him as a visionless and an unthinking person, then he cannot rule as president, never!”.

The NPP’s flag bearer, in an address to climax the 10th anniversary celebrations of the KNUST wing of the NPP students group on Tuesday said, Ghana under the Mills led administration is “hopeless despite huge economic gains left by the Kufuor administration”.

Describing President Mills as “a visionless leader”, Nana Addo noted that the “transformation of the Ghanaian economy to create jobs and decent standard of living will be” his topmost priority if he is elected president in 2012”.

Nana Addo was also quoted as saying that the “NPP must win power at all cost”.

But Mr. Abayateye described Nana Addo’s statement as unfortunate and a “display of arrogance that will crush him in 2012”.

“It is God who makes kings, not human beings. If Nana Addo is so power drunk and anxious to become president ‘at all cost’, then he must have a sober reflection on his utterances and have a rethink” the MP maintained.

According to him, even though ex-president Kufuor was not an NDC member, he admired his composure in public, adding that Nana Addo’s arrogance is only deepening his woes and will forever deny him the chance of ever becoming President.

“Ghanaians are discerning, and will not want to put their lives in the hands of a man who does not respect his mates and does not respect himself”.

The Sege MP said government was on course with its developmental agenda for the country, indicating that “the Mills-led administration is focused on investing in human resources in order to create a future for Ghanaians”.

The Member of Parliament for Bekwai, Joseph Osei Owusu who was also on the show, however disagreed with his colleague MP stating that the NDC government was only interested in clearing schools under trees.

He maintained that Nana Addo’s speech was relevant “and underscored the need for Ghanaians to boot the NDC out in 2012”.