June 11, 2013

Member of Parliament for Bosomtwe, Simon Osei Mensah has accused the National Security apparatus of being obsessed with monitoring activities of opposition members rather than ensuring a safe Ghana.

According to him, this behavior has resulted in a situation where there is laxity in security at somecvery sensitive places which threatens the security of Ghana.

The MP was speaking on Oman FM on Tuesday about the arrest of the Kotoka International Airport security chief in the U.S and another Ghanaian for trafficking drugs into the USA.
The news of the arrest has generated a lot of public outcry with some concluding that this shows how porous security is.

Hon. Osei Mensah further stated that he is at pains to understand why National Security is taking credits for the arrest of the two persons.

” National Security operatives allowed these people to pass sail through with this haul of illicit drugs and now they turn round and tell Ghanaians that they collaborated with the US Drug Enforcement Agency in this arrest and so must be commended, we are not kids” he said.

Hon. Osei Mensah urged the National Security and Nacortic Control Agency to step up their game and ensure that the war against drugs is won.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh