September 26, 2016

The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Secretariat in Atebubu-Amantin, in the Brong Ahafo Region has called the bluff of the the area’s Traditional Council and has gone ahead to launch the embattled Member of Parliament’s campaign and openly declared support for him.

The Atebubu Traditional Council in April 2016, banned the MP from taking part in social activities and actively campaigning in the town after insulting the queenmother, Nana Afia Donyina, on radio calling her a drunkard after she accused him of being behind disturbances in the area.

The council was of the view that hon. Sanja Nanja had disrespected the Queenmother and the Traditional Council by extension and as a result had to exact punishment against him.

The council further sacrificed a ram informing the gods of the town of the MPs disrespect to them, an act that was seen by many as a strong demonstration of the council anger.

The beleaguered MP has found several ways of trying to win back the hearts of his constituents and the Atebubu Traditional Council including a GHC 20,000 compensation to the chiefs which they rejected.

Just last week, the Traditional Council announced that it hasn’t intended to lift the ban on the beleaguered MP barely three months to the December 7 election, a development many political watchers say will adversely affect his campaign activities.

The Council has asked the NDC party to replace Hon. Sanja Nanja with a new candidate as they have severed all ties with him.

But the NDC has defied the orders of the chief and has launched the MP’s campaign in readiness for the upcoming poll.

The Constituency Chairman, George Kyere Mensah, in an interview said, the party duly notified the police about the event following which they were cleared to proceed with the programme.

He however could not state whether by informing the police the chiefs were aware of the campaign launch, adding that the party deliberately decided not to involve the chiefs because per the constitution they are supposed to be neutral.