July 15, 2011

Former Deputy Finance Minister, Professor Gyan Baffour has said Ghana’s economy is being run on auto pilot.

According to him, economic indications under the current government show that the country is being mismanaged.

Speaking to Multi TV’s Joy News in an interview at Parliament House after the reading of the supplementary budget presented by the Finance Minister to Parliament today, Prof. Gyan Baffour said “this government is one of the luckiest governments. Gold prices are up, cocoa prices have shot to the roof and oil prices are not doing too bad, yet it is not being felt”.

He added that “I suspect they have their priorities wrong”.

Prof. Gyan Baffuor expressed surprise that construction works on major trunk roads have stalled even though the NDC is boasting of having exceeded its targets for this year.

He mentioned that the situation whereby government continuously cries that there is no money is no excuse citing that the NPP in 2008 financed major projects with government revenue.

“So I think the economy is on auto pilot and they are tinkering around mismanagement”

The supplementary budget released 50 million cedis to the Electoral Commission to commence activities preceding the 2012 elections.

8 million out of an allocated 25 million Ghana cedis has been earmarked to fund the activities of the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority.

The NDC administration however believes the developments in the first half of this year point to an optimistic outlook.

Dr. Dufour assured that the government will enforce strictly the budget plans for the rest of the year.

Source: Multi TV