January 19, 2021

Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Kwamena Afenyo-Markin has taken a swipe at the Minority of the eight Parliament, for having obstructionist agenda to frustrate government business in the House.
According to him their colleagues in the Minority have to change their posture and language as they conduct themselves as if government matters do not matter.

“We are ready to build consensus, but we see signs for ambushing by the Minority. They are up to some games and their language on issues are, you have a government to run and you have everything to lose; that is not how patriots behave”.

Mr. Markin at a press conference on Wednesday, January 20, 2021 noted that his side believes in the declaration of Mr. Speaker to be impartial, however, the conduct of his colleagues the NDC is giving them compelling impression, that they have a certain view that they would have their way.

“They could find some means of compromising the impartiality of the Speaker. We are not saying he has been compromised, or he is about to be compromised; his impartial principles, if we do not put this out now it might affect the future conduct of business in the House”.

Again, he added that the country has gone through presidential and parliamentary elections and the result produce by the people of Ghana is respected by all, as parliament survives on give and take, and consensus.

He told the media in parliamentary jurisprudent where the Speaker or his deputies are required to chair a Committee, their membership of the Committee does not count, citing the Appointment Committee chaired by the first Deputy Speaker.

And noted that the Standing Order state clearly that the committee should have twenty-five members, and the agreed ration of 138 to 137 which should translate into Majority thirteen (13) and Minority (12).
“Our colleagues who were pushing the agenda of secret balloting arguing on practice and convention of the House, when a court order has been served on the clerk of parliament and communicated to the NDC Assin North MP, they formed a human shield and made strenuous arguments that he is taking responsibility of his action of disobeying a court order”.

He also pointed out that, they labored to draw home the need for all to respect court order, as they were the first to sue John Peter Amewu and secured an injunction on him.

“If NPP had behaved this way hell would have broken loose; we would continue to engage our colleagues, but we believe the Speaker can do better than we see, we would not give up in our engagement”.

And further noted that Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has put a post on his page to expose the mischief of the Minority. “How can you say we should put a hold on the Standing Orders, immediately you get what you want, you say I have a dagger in my hands look if you misbehave you are dead?”, He questioned.
Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com