January 15, 2017

The opposition Nationa Democratic Congress (NDC) Member of Parliament for the Daffiama-Bussei-Isa constituency has lauded the creation of the Sanitation and Water Resources Ministry.

Dr. Sebastian Sandaare a Medical Doctor cum politician who has been a strong advocate for more attention to be given to sanitation believes the creation of the ministry shows that the government wants to focus on that sector.

According to him a focus in that sector means more resources will be given to sanitation and water resources which will go a long way to ensure that the environment is clean.

Speaking to EIB’s Musah Lansah in a telephone interview Dr. Sandaare said,” you know I have always advocated for more resources for sanitation related issues so the creation of this ministry is in the right direction. I believe it tells the focus of government in ensuring more resources will be given to tackle sanitation issues.”

The MP adds that,”if more resources are given to the sector it will go a long way to improve on the health of the citizens thereby reducing the burden on the health sector.”

Dr. Sandaare is however skeptical about the implementation of the mandate of the ministry. According to him, “my worry is how the ministry will implement its policies. You know in Ghana we develop very impressive policies but when it comes to their implementation we struggle.”