July 2, 2012

The Member of Parliament for Yagaba-Kubori constituency in the Northern Region, Hon Ibrahim Tanko has declared that should the New Patriotic Party (NPP) bring their Headquarters office into his constituency; they (NPP) would still lose the 2012 polls.

According to him, this is because the government has done more than enough in the Yagaba-Kubori constituency over the years which have gingered the interest of the people towards the NDC government.

He noted that, residents in his area have experienced both physical and non physical projects since President Mills took over the administration of the state in less than 4 years as against the NPP’s eight-year administration.

He highlighted some of the projects which cut across all sectors of their economy to include Education, Health, Agriculture, Employment, Roads and several others.

Hon Tanko added that only 14 schools in the area benefited from the School feeding program in the NPP regime as compared to the 67 schools which are now benefiting today on the program.

The MP further mentioned that the government has presented 1 pick-up, a 4X4 ford car, two zoomlion vehicles as well as other equipment to assist in the running of the district.

Hon Ibrahim was sure that, now that, a Technical Secondary Institute is being established in the area, students who graduate from the Junior High School within the area can now gain admission without traveling outside the district to further their studies.

Hon Ibrahim Tanko argued his case out during the official inaugural ceremony of the Mampurugu-Moaduri District in the Northern Rregion on Thursday June 28.