February 28, 2019
Member of Parliament for Adaklu, Kwame Agbodza said it takes the Minority National Democratic Congress (NDC) to say we would take the moral high grounds to do things right in the House.

According to the Adaklu lawmaker when the current majority side gets to opposition they should be decorous as they exhibited during the recent State of the Nations Address (SONA), delivered by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

He made this comments in an interview when ghanamps.com wanted to know what accounted for the Minority side being calm and not heckling the President during SONA.

Mr. Kwame Agbodza in addition pointed out that instead of the Majority agreeing to emulating them they were shouting, “it would depend, why should we not accord our Presidents be it Mahama or Akufo-Addo the needed dignity”.

“But when a President appears to be too political throwing jabs at people in the chamber, it gives the opportunity for others to react; but on Thursday we decided once again NDC we would occupy the moral high grounds”

The President was saying things we did not like, we had to swallow our frustration, we were quite to accord the President and the Presidency the dignity, we hope this would be the end of the era where heckling was the order of the day, irrespective of which government is in power, he said.

According to him, they would offer the needed dignity to presidents any time they appear in the House to do their presentation. When it is time for debate on their statement, we would do the debate, I think it is a good thing.