September 27, 2018

Investigation conducted by in Parliament can reveal that the meeting of the Communications committee with Ghana Independent Broadcast Association (GIBA) on the 10th floor nearly turned into a physical fight between the Chairman Kennedy Agyapong and Samuel George Nartey.

As at Thursday 10:00am a hot exchange ensued between the chairman of the committee and the Ningo-Prampram lawmaker, with the chairman using very unprintable words in front of the visitors.

The meeting came to an abrupt end when the chairman of the committee threatened to beat up Samuel George Nartey who was restrained during the verbal exchange, resulting in the meeting being halted for two hours, but resumed midday with the Ningo-Prampram legislator returning back as at the time when the chairman had not returned.

In an interview with a member of the committee, Ras Mubarak as to what happened at the committee meeting, he said unfortunate spectacle happened “that is all I can say”. When pushed to throw light on the fight at the committee room he said, “let what happened in Vegas stay in Vegas”.

He further noted that what happened today is something that should have never happened, these are the sort of things that dent the credibility of Parliament, we need to protect our image.

Mr Ras Mubarak added that there are hard working men and women that are serving this institution; the clerks, Speaker and the rest, we cannot allow petty party political interest to take over the workings of Parliament.

“The exchange between the Chairman and Samuel George Nartey in the meeting was embarrassing, we have to meet with the leadership of the House, we have to look at re composing the committee again, it is a very important committee that has oversight on an important sector”, he said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/