March 25, 2018

Minister for Defence, Dominic Nitiwul has allayed fears of Ghanaians with an assurance that the United States of America will not establish Military Base in Ghana as he lays before Parliament an agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Ghana and the United States of America on Defence Co-operation, the Status of the United States Forces, Access to and use of Agreed Facilities and Areas in the Rpublic of Ghana.

Speaking to Journalist after the presentation of the agreement, Mr Nitiwul stated categorically that no US Military Base would be establish on Ghanaian soil and that American Forces would only be allowed to use and have to Ghana’s Military bases per the agreement.

He disclosed that the agreement seeks to formalize what has already been happening by way of cooperation with Ghana where the American Forces will only use some facilities located at the Airport for the storage of their equipment and others items.

The Minister also stated that per the location of the proposed site, the American Forces will use Ghana’s Airport runways for the takeoff of their airplanes in operations with the Ghanaian Military.

He disclosed that the Ghana has always had this agreement with America on renewal basis since1998, 2007 and the latest being 2015 where the same agreement was signed at the Ministerial level with the US without Parliamentary approval.

The Bimbila Member of Parliament noted that he as current Minister of Defence could have done same without Parliamentary approval but decided otherwise.

The deal he said also defines the status of the American Soldier on Ghanaian soil.

He denied claims that the agreement will attract terrorists and said it will rather fortify Ghanaian security since America will protect where its interests are.

A former Presidential Staffer and Member of Parliament for Builsa South, Clement Apaak insists the deal when allowed will attract terrorist to the country.

By Christian Kpesese/