May 16, 2018

Speaker of Parliament Professor Mike Aaron Oquaye had indicated on the floor of the House that none of the 275 Members of Parliament fear the media because without engaging the media none of the MPs would be on the floor of the House.

He further added that MPs communicated with people before they got elected to represent their constituency and cautioned against a recent practice where some MPs want to substitute debating in the chamber to debating in the media.

“We must be careful with matters pending before the House being taken to the media, we can’t have pre trial of matters in the media instead of dealing with them in the House and again this are matters of the state”, he said.

If we do that we will only be lowering our dignity; let us know the thin line between matters that can be discussed in the media and those that can be dealt with in the House, he lamented.

His remarks comes in the wake of some disagreement on the floor in the last meeting that found space in the media and the issue of “double salaries” being paid former appointees who server as Ministers and MPs.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/