June 6, 2020
Member of Parliament for North Dayi, Joycelyn Tetteh has expressed worry over majority of Ghanaians improperly wearing face masks as some place it below their chin, carrying it in their hands, with others having it on their forehead despite buying into the idea of wearing it.

According to her, this practice is usually exhibited at the markets, workplace and in commercial vehicles with impression created that it is sufficient to own a nose mask and carry it around.

Again, she further expressed worry over the way some handle the home-made mask, and pointed out that the proper way to handle it is for one to wash it with warm water and soap, “dried and iron it at least once a day if possible”.

“Sadly people wear soiled and unkempt mask, the situation is alarming as experts tell us clothing or accessories have the potential to be contaminated Dr. Daniel Griffin an infectious diseases expert at the Colombia University advices we must wash our masks as often as we do to our underwear”.

In a statement on the floor of the House on Thursday June 4, 2020, she pointed out that while she applaud efforts made to enforce mandatory wearing of nose mask, there should be a further step of ensuring that they are properly handled and worn, hence more public education from government agencies.

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), Health Ministry, media, MPs, Information and Local Government must also support in this effort.

“Mr. Speaker we are told the wearing of the facemask alone may not prevent a healthy person from getting the virus but at least they may help to ensure that we do not spread it to others. I hope we would all adhere to the guidelines for using the facemask so as to protect ourselves”.

The guidelines also calls for encouraged use of alcohol based hand sanitizers before putting on or taking off a face mask, and the face mask should be removed from behind and safely disposed.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com