July 16, 2010

On behalf of the Party’s leadership, I commend our Minority in Parliament, the various civil society groups, and the general public for standing up for the national interest in the matter of the STX housing deal. The withdrawal of the deal agreement from Parliament by the Mills-led NDC government is a direct result of the opposition mounted by the good people of this country to the bogus deal.

On behalf of Party leadership, I particularly commend our Minority in Parliament for a job well done. They have proved to be worthy of their names as the people’s representatives. Stay the course and pursue the case for our local industries and for the creation of jobs in our local economy.

At the same time the STX Korea deal was before Parliament, Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) also had an alternative and more credible proposal before Parliament that could build the same 200,000 houses for US$3.7 billion. Therefore, by the withdrawal of this deal, Ghana has been saved US$6.3 billion.

It is now time for government to seriously consider the GREDA Housing Proposal to show their commitment to addressing the housing deficit of our people.

As the largest political party outside government, the New Patriotic Party will remain vigilant in protecting the national interest and hold government accountable. While we support and will support any housing scheme that will deliver truly affordable housing to Ghanaians, we will never relent in our duty to ensure that government does the right thing at all times.

To all those who stood up against the obnoxious agreement, we say, thank you for saving this country US$6.3 billion. Let’s all continue to stay the course for the sake of our dear country and of our future generations.

Jake Obetsebi Lamptey
National Chairman (NPP)