April 21, 2017

Member of Parliament for Juaboso, Honorable Kwabena Mintah Akandoh says the New Patriotic party (NPP) government’s substandard performance within 100 days in office. Exposes their much touted mantra during the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary that “we have the men” in an interview with ghanamps.com.

Image result for hon akandoh If you are in government and you think that you have the men 110 ministers, such that you are dashing out position right center left and you think you will allow, Deputy Majority leader Honorable Sarah Adwoa Sarfo hold two positon, so be it he said.

He further noted that, the Minority should not waste their time debating as to why the Deputy Majority leader is still keeping her position, despite her elevation to the position of Minister of state in charge of procurement.

And noted that, the President Nana Akufo-Addo’s positon that more people should be given the opportunity to serve in his government in other to achieve his target is defeated. “All we are looking for is reduction in our electricity tariff, transportation fares same, if free Senior High school is achievable”, he remarked.

As to whether the Minority will be guided on promises they make to Ghana’s come 2020 Presidential and Parliamentary election, the Juaboso legislator noted that, “we have always been guided by the kind of promises we give to Ghanaians, we do not take the people of this Country for granted as NPP’s Dr. Bawumia is doing” he said.

And further pointed out that, irrespective of the fact, the current government has appointed seven substandard people to be in charge of the Information Ministry, “the Vice Presidents position has turn to be another propaganda wing of government machinery”.

For Christ sake, must it take the Vice President to tell us the achievement of government within 100 days? We have seven people in charge of communication, should the Vice President be doing this tell me? “I will not have bothered if the Vice President touch on figures facts and truths, he goes by saying you have allocated two hundred and twenty million to distressed companies, where are the companies mention them. You as journalist, do you know one, you go by saying you have cancelled power purchasing agreement of twenty companies do you know one, if you a journalist you do not know how much more my mother in the village” he lamented.

He further added, “they go by saying we have reduce fertilizers so clap for us, fertilizer that former President John Mahama was distributing for free in cocoa growing areas and now you say we should buy it at fifty seven cedis a bag and now you say we should clap for you”, he questioned.

A President who says he is in a hurry to develop this nation, party party right center left, he has celebrated his birthday flamboyantly, celebrate twenty years in marriage and celebrate the grandchildren what kind of governance is this? Let us get serious in this nation, he said lamenting.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com