May 24, 2021

The Member of Parliament for the Akyem Oda constituency, Mr. Alexander Akwasi Acquah has hinted that plans are far advanced to organize an employment fair and workshop for prospective job seekers in his constituency.

He said these job hunters who are mostly the youth have a lot of confidence in him to facilitate their employment but may not be too prepared for the jobs in terms of qualifications.

He said this in an interview on Net 2 TV’s the “dialogue programme.”

The MP said as much as he feels obliged to lobby for job openings for the teaming youth in his constituency, it is his responsibility to prepare his people to make them qualified and ready for any of such opportunities.

Mr. Akwasi Acquah has therefore contacted Labour experts and other private sector operators as facilitators to the fair and workshop. He said he was happy with the number of applications that his committee on employment and social welfare has received so far.

This to him shows the eagerness of the youth to occupy themselves with some productive ventures instead of being miscreants to the society.

Mr. Acquah said he will be happy if most of these youth will also prefer skills training so they can be employers themselves instead of depending on the few or non-existent public sector job openings.

He said it is his belief that most of these youth will emulate him and other private sector players who have contributed to the socio economic status of the country by way of employment.