January 7, 2024

As we commemorate the day set aside to celebrate the genesis of the Fourth Republican Constitution, I salute all Ghanaians, especially, those who participated in crafting, as well as those who have been active in activating, implementing, interpreting and reviewing the 1992 Constitution.

As one people in one nation with a common destiny, it must be our collective strategic imperative to ensure the survival of Constitutionalism.

It is my considered opinion that the survival of the 1992 Republican.

Today, January 7, 2024 for me marks 31 continuous years of intimate interaction with the 1992 Constitution, the initial implementation of which, was paradoxically, superintended by an unconstitutional regime. The vast experiences garnered affirm my conviction that all the efforts and attempts at amending and reviewing the Constitution must be consolidated, harmonised and brought to fruition.

It is my considered opinion that the survival of the 1992 Republican Constitution hinges, largely, on its holistic review. Let us summon the will to consummate the process.

Happy Constitution Day and may the Fourth Republic last forever.