October 16, 2020

The Chief Director of the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs, Dr. Evans Aggrey-Darkoh has justified the engagement the Ministry has held with various stakeholders with the four years period of its re-establishment.

According to him the various engagements have brought out various critical issues that had been put on the public agenda which would lead to a lot of changes in the system.

“We are operating on the assumption that ideas matter, with our interactions with all the key stakeholders we have flagged a number of issues for consideration”.

He made this remark when Ghanamps.com wanted to know if the engagement has yielded any benefit to the country, within the four years.

Dr. Aggrey pointed out that, in the case of the Electoral Commission, they cautioned them to strengthen their Public Relations outfit and insulate the Commissioners from daily engagement with the media. “There has been a total change in the way they engage the media”.

Again, on the Independent Governance Institutions, he said a platform has been created for them to network among themselves and share ideas of dealing with their challenges that would collectively enhance their work.

He argued that change does not occur overnight, it takes time, as discussion of the critical issues put on the public agenda would improve the quality of public discussion. Again, “we on the high attrition rate and when we see an issue is close for action to be taken we flag and put it into the public agenda and it gathers momentum”.

In addition, last year we put the issue of monetization on the public agenda and had a national engagement on the subject matter.

Institute for Democratic Governance took on the issue of monetization this year, and when the issue gathers momentum, policy makers would pick on them.

Dr. Aggrey further noted that the issues that come up are given to the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs. And being the majority leader, he needs to have the capacity as Leader of Government Business, and to be sensitive to the different perspectives that exist within the different society.

“The engagement would provide the Minister with all kinds of perspectives and helps shape his appreciation of legislative proposals”, he said.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com