March 20, 2016

Parliament, Friday, approved two financing agreements worth €89,935,500 for the construction, equipping and furnishing of five new district hospitals and a polyclinic.

Among the beneficiary communities are Somanya, Buipe, Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, Wheta and Tolon.
Bamboi is the beneficiary community for the polyclinic.

The projects when completed are expected to bridge the gap in accessing health facility, especially, in rural communities in the country.

The financing agreements comprise an Export Credit facility of €77,935,500 and a Commercial Credit Facility of €12,000,000.

Among the major components of the project to be constructed are; civil works, mechanical & electrical works for the five district hospitals and one polyclinic which would also entail;

i. Out Patient Clinic (Ophthalmology, Dental Clinic, Pharmacy, Laboratory)
ii. Theaters
iii. Adjunct Clinical Service (Diagnostic: Radiology/X-ray, ECG, Dental, Ultrasound)
iv. Accident and Emergency Unit
v. In-patient Services – General Wards (medical and surgical)
vi. Maternity
vii. Reproductive Child Health (RCH)
viii. Surgery
ix. Central Sterile Department
x. Laundry
xi. Maintenance and Technical Services
xii. Mortuary
xiii. Stores
xiv. Relatives’ Hostel
xv. A total of 110 staff housing units for all health facilities and
xvi. Construction of parent hostel.

The package also includes supply and installation of medical equipment; transport and ambulances; warranty management for one year; technical assistance; and the provision for expenses under client’s obligations and project administration.

The Bamboi health facility would also boast of OPD services; Public Health and Outreach Services; Maternal Care and Child Services; Provision of two-bedroom semi-detached staff accommodation (1 building); Provision of utilities (water, solar power, telephone and internet plug); External works and Inpatient ward.

Chairman of the Finance Committee, James Klutse Avedzi, who moved the motion for the adoption of the report of the Committee, urged the House to fully support initiative because the facility will help extend health facilities to rural communities and help the country attain its goals under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations (UN).

Health Minister, Alex Segbefia, commenting on the deal indicated that there are currently 126 districts (including those the credit facility has been approved for) without districts hospitals even though government policy is to provide every district with at least, a befitting hospital.

He was certain that the successful completion of the projects together with twelve other district hospitals being constructed in other parts of the country would help reduce the above problem and enable the Ministry to partly fulfill the Government’s policy.

He further told the House that the successful completion of the projects “will improve access to health care services for rural dwellers who will now have to spend less time traveling to adjoining districts to access hospital services.

That aside, there will be an improved access to comprehensive emergency obstetric care and a reduction in mortality, especially, of pregnant women and children under five years.