July 20, 2013

Parliament on Friday 19th July adjourned sine die to end the second meeting of the sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic.

The recess ends the Second Meeting of the First Session of the Sixth Parliament of the Fourth Republic. The House is expected to reconvene in October, 25, 2013.

During this sitting, the House approved several bills government considered very important to economic improvement and to raise money to augment this year’s budget.

The bills included the controversial Communications Service Tax (Amendment) Bill, the National Fiscal Stabilization Levy Bill, Special Import Levy Bill and the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre Bill.

The House in the course of the sitting also cleared government to access the international capital market to issue a second sovereign bond of up to one billion dollars.

Prior to the House adjourning, the Majority Leader Hon. Benjamin Kunbour presenting the Business Statement for the first week of the third meeting ending Friday 25th October 2013, stated that the committee had programmed ministers to respond to questions asked of them during the week.

The ministers include, Health, Energy and Petroleum, Tourism, Culture and Creative Arts. The rest are Food and Agriculture and Roads and Highways.

The committee also urged all committees with referrals to take advantage of the recess period to deliberate on them and report same for consideration by the House during the Third Meeting.

He noted that contingent upon consultations, the Standing Orders Committee is expected to hold meeting during the recess to make proposals for amendment of the Standing Orders of the Parliament of Ghana, adding that Members of the Standing Orders Committee would be communicated to in due course.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh