August 3, 2010

Parliament is scheduled to take a final decision on the controversial STX Housing deal later today August 3, but a law suit filed yesterday by the Youth Organizer of the Convention Peoples Party, could derail the planned passage of the 1.5 billion dollar loan agreement.

Mr. Bomfeh’s writ which has two defendants, the Attorney General and the Speaker of Parliament, is demanding the court to restrain Parliament to discontinue its action of laying the loan agreement and its onward approval until the determination of the case.

Mr. Kwabena Bomfeh, popularly known as Kabila, is in Court, seeking an order to prevent Parliament from giving the deal its stamp of approval.

As at the evening of Monday August 2, bailiffs from the Courts were reportedly making efforts to serve the writ on the Speaker of Parliament, but it is unclear if they were successful.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr. Bomfeh claimed a number of illegalities have been committed by parties to the agreement, adding it would be an affront to the nation’s Constitution for Parliament to approve the STX Housing deal in its current form.

He said the $1.5 billion was a huge amount that can give the country more than 30,000 housing units.

‘‘I want a better deal for Ghana and Ghanaians, and I believe also that we as a country deserve better than what we are being offered. It is in the interest of the country and the rule of law as well as the constitution.”

Standing Order 93(1) of the Standing Orders of Ghana’s Parliament provides that: ‘‘Reference shall not be made to any matter on which a judicial decision is pending in such a way as may in the opinion of the Speaker, prejudice the interest of both parties to the action.’’

Drawing inspiration from this provision, Mr. Kwabena Bomfeh is asking Parliament to freeze further debate on the STX deal until the Supreme Court rules on his application.