February 4, 2019
As to whether Parliament is active on social media as a way of reaching Ghanaians, Kate Addo Acting Director of Public Affairs, has confirmed that the institution is active on social media.

According to the acting director, Parliament even broadcast proceedings live on its social media platforms and put other information on its facebook page.

She further revealed that their twitter account is linked to facebook and anything uploaded on facebook page is seen on twitter and our handle is parliament_gh and utube  and you can watch, again we have our website, www.parliament.gh

“We also have a mobile application called the Parliamentary watch, which could be downloaded on IOS platform and on android phones where you can truck bills on this platform   and MPs as well as things related to them”.

Again we are taking the one-on-one interaction serious and especially our outreach program seriously.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com