November 28, 2018
Member of Parliament (MP) for Banda, Ahmed Ibrahim has said government is not only packing government machinery with over blotted people but has extended such practice to the Legislative arm of government.

According to the first Deputy Whip, government is thinking of creating additional constituencies to the existing two-hundred and seventy-five (275).

“Do we all need to become politicians, let us have a national discourse to know what is the best way to go on this urgent national issue”, he lamented.

He made this remarks after a press conference where the Minority challenged the Minister of Information’s assertion that government is reducing the number of staffers under the Presidency.

“When we talked about the one hundred and ten (110) Ministers, government indicated that they had that number to achieve and execute a programme, now the number has increased to one hundred and eleven (11); is government taking Ghanaians serious?”

Again District Chief Executives, the current government inherited two hundred and sixteen (216) now it has appointed two hundred and fifty (250) and still counting more by creating five additional ones recently, he noted.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/