July 25, 2015

Parliament has reprimanded former radio host Blakk Rasta for his contemptuous comments made against the legislature.

He alleged that over 80% of Members of Parliament use Marijuana, a statement which was seen as an affront to the body of law makers. He was summoned to appear before the Privileges Committee to explain himself.

The Privileges Committee having heard him concluded that Blakk Rasta did not show any sign of remorse prior to appearing before them, but that it was only after his own voice was played back to him that he and his lawyer begun to show regret and apologized.

The committee was of the view that the apology came way too late and that he needed to be sanctioned to serve as a deterrent to other people.

Members of the House who commented on the matter commended the committee for coming up with such recommendation, noting that freedom of speech should come with responsibility.

Following this, the Speaker Rt. Hon.Doe Adjaho directed the Marshal of Parliament to bring Blakk Rasta who was then seated in the public gallery to the floor of the House to be reprimanded.

When he appeared on the floor he rendered an unqualified apology to the Parliament. He said while he sat in the public gallery he was crying because his irresponsible comment had brought him this trouble and for which he had been hauled to the House and was wasting everybody’s time, as the time Parliament should have used to discuss serious issues was being used to discuss his irresponsible deed.

Blakk Rasta added that if he were to receive a slap each from all the 275 MPs he would gladly do so.

After his plea, both the Majority and Minority Leaders sought the indulgence of the Speaker to accept the plea.

The Speaker in response said Blakk Rasta’s disparaging remarks was an affront to the dignity of the House and that Parliament has always believed that the media plays a critical role in the democratic dispensation of the country, adding that this was the very reason why Parliament repealed the criminal libel law.

He added that MPs do not come to the House to mark english language but are there to represent the people, do legislative work and other businesses of government.

The Speaker said ” We have accepted the apology but we shall be watching you”. He added that prior to Blakk Rasta’s unfortunate remark, he was his number one fan, but has now ceased to be.

” This should be the last time you are making such disparaging remarks, go and sin no more,” the Speaker said.