July 6, 2013

Members of the Parliamentary select Committee on Water Resources Works and Housing have expressed satisfaction at the completion of works on the Keta Sea Defense projects.

They have also commended the progress of work so far on the Ada Sea Dredging project.

The Keta project was contracted to Amandi, an Italian Company and began three years ago, covering three communities- Anyanui, Atorkor and Dzita at a cost of 41 million Euros.

The members led by the Chairman of the Committee and Member of Parliament for Shai Osudoku, Mr David Assumeng Tetteh, toured the sites to inspect the work so far carried out.

The Ada Sea dredging is awarded to International Marine and Dredging Consultants at a cost of 160 million Euros.

Mr Hubert Owusu Ansah, of the Ministry of Water Resources Works and Housing explained that the people of Anyanui were cut off before the project but with the completion of the project it has facilitated commercial and fishing activities.

He said the community school was provided with 14 computers and two teachers and a playground.

Mr Francisco Aracil, Site Engineer at the Ada site said seven groynes with increasing lengths spread of more than 4.7 kilometres of the project had been used in the phase one.

He said the phase two was initially programmed to be completed in December 2013 but the pace of work is faster and would be concluded soon.

He said the project would lead to the stabilisation of the coastal lines and the beaches, minimise risks of flooding and also raise economic benefits through tourism.

Mr Assumeng-Tetteh, urged the Ministry to build the capacity of local contractors so that in the future the country could rely on them.