July 19, 2013

Parliament has ratified an agreement between Ghana and the African Capacity Building Foundation for the establishment of an ACBF Regional Office in Ghana

The foundation spearheads the building of sustainable human and institutional capacity for poverty reduction in Africa.

Presenting the report of the Committee on Foreign Affairs on the ratification of the agreement between Ghana and the ACBF for the establishment of a Regional Office in Ghana, the Chairman Hon. Kwasi Bandua stated that the decision to site the office here in Ghana was in recognition of the country’s pedigree within the Foundation and the place the country occupies in the democratic world.

The committee observed that this was also consistent with the diplomatic efforts made by the country over the years to become the destination of major international institutions and organizations which enhance the profile of the country and thereby set in motion a spiral of increasing global attention and its related benefits.

Besides, the committee observed that the continues increase in international visitors to the country would not only create avenues for increasing exports of the country’s products but would also generate employment as the economic base of the country widens as a result.

Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh