June 12, 2012
The Bills seeks to amend the Criminal Offences Act, 1960 (Act 29) to include the unlawful use of Human parts, enforced disappearance, sexual exploitation, elicit trafficking in explosives fire arms and ammunitions, participation in organized criminal group acitivities and racketeering in Act 29 as criminal offences and to prescribe the prerequisite sanctions for such offences.
The issue of arrest, detention or abduction of individuals against their will in some jurisdictions and consequently the depravation of such individuals of their personal liberties has engaged the attention of the United Nations (UN).
The UN observed that these acts are more often than not, perpertuated by organized groups or individuals acting directed or indirectly on behalf of their government.
Such conducts often results in the disappearance of the individual concerned.
To prevent this occurrence it became important to ensure strict compliance with the body of principles for the protection of all persons under detention or imprisonment as contained Annexure of United Naitions Resolution 43/143.
The need for Ghana as a member of the commity for nations to discharge its Interanational Obligations by domesticating these International treaties on these matters to combat the act of enforced disappearance and other related criminal conduct necessitated the introduction of this Bill.
Kwadwo Anim/Ghanadistricts.com