November 27, 2021

A one sided parliament has  rejected government’s Budget Statement and Economic Policy as presented by the finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta.

The one sided decision was occasioned by the Majority Caucus’ decision to stage a walkout at some point of proceedings on Friday November 26, 2021.

The Majority staged the walkout when

they lost a voice vote to the the minority, when the Finance Minister prayed the House for time to further engage the leadership of the two sides of the House before a decision is taken on the budget.

 However, the Speaker’s ruling on the voice vote was challenged by the Deputy Majority Leader, Alexander Afenyo Markins, who called for ‘Division’.

And as part of the ‘Division’ process, the Speaker directed all members, including ministers in the chamber who are not members of parliament to leave the chamber.

However, when the Finance Minister relactantly left the chamber, after the Speaker threatened to call the Marshall to walk out any of such persons in the chamber, the Majority turned their attention to the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress who was at the public gallery, and asked that he also be asked to leave amidst shouting and banging of tables.

But even before the Speaker made a determination of their request, the Majority left the chamber.

The Speaker subsequently suspended sitting for five minutes.

Upon resumption of proceedings, the Speaker put the question before the House on the request of the Finance Minister, and the ‘Nos’ have it.

This was followed by a voice vote on the budget statement; and on once again the ‘Nos’ have it.

The Speaker as part of his closing remarks stated that “As the Speaker, I will do all I can, not allow the government to obstruct or frustrate parliament in its lawful duty. That is a pledge to the people of Ghana, and there is a reason why the good people of Ghana elected this parliament. It is hung parliament of 137-137, the independent who decided to do business with one side of the majority, there is no majority party in this house. This is a new beginning, where for the first time, a Majority has walked out from its own business”, he stated.