September 1, 2012

Parliament will reconvene on Monday- September 3 2012, to continue with unfinished business in the House. Parliament went on recess on August 16 to allow members of Parliament travel to their various constituencies to launch effective campaigns for the upcoming December general elections.

One of the major task to be taken care of by parliament is the Legislative Instrument(LI) 73 establishing the 45 new constituencies across the country. The LI was laid in Parliament on August 15 and requires 21 sitting days to mature.

There has been mixed reactions to the laying of the LI, while the ruling NDC government is all for the establishment, the opposition and other Civil Society Organizations have strongly objected to creation of the constitencies since they believe with four months to go for the election the time is too short for the political parties to prepare candidates for the new constituencies.

Though parliament has been sued against sitting for the 21 days the Majority Leader Cletus Avoka has indicated Parliament would go ahead to sit.

Kwadwo Anim/