April 29, 2012

Parliament is urging for further input from the public into the much talked about Intestate Succession bill.

A ten day fallow period is being allowed for the public to contribute to the bill which when passed will affect the extended family system in Ghana.
Part of the bill provides that the property of childless spouse who die Intestate should be given to the state and not to the relations of the dead person.
The bill will replace the Intestate Succession (PNDC Law 111) which seems not to address all the question relating to the succession of properties belonging to deceased family members.
At a press conference addressed by the Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo and Minority Leader Osei kyei Mensah-Bonsu and the chairman for the constitutional and Legal Committee Hon Bandua were of the view that a further input into the bill which has already undergone first and second review by the public will deeply enrich the bill.
Kwadwo Anim/Ghanamps.gov.gh