March 31, 2014

Ghana’s Members of Parliament are demanding personal bodyguards for safety. They say past and recent attacks on some Legislators make it necessary for such protection.

On the floor of the House on Monday, MP after MP expressed concerns about the recent spate of “contract killings” in the country and said Legislators could be targets.

The MPs said the Police Service must be properly resourced to ensure security for all the arms of Government as well as the entire public.

Some of the MPs who have suffered robbery attacks are Nkwanta South MP Gershon Gbediame, who was robbed of his two ipads, six mobile phones, Ghc5000 and $7,500 as well as jewellery. His assailants robbed him at gunpoint at his Lashibi residence near Tema on January 11, 2014.

Member of Parliament for Akan, Joseph Ofori, was also attacked in October last year. He was stabbed in the head.

Also Majority Leader Benjamin Kunbuor suffered an attack a few years ago.