February 1, 2019
Director of budget in Parliament, Mohamed Nganzi has given assurance to leadership of the House that this year’s outreach activities of the House would not be delayed and interrupted as well as taking care of the media.

According to the Director of budget, the Parliamentary Service is prepared in terms of adequate resources it had secured to discharge it core functions.

He further pointed out that over the years most of its resources went into legislations, but not down playing, playing the importance of legislative work.

Mr. Mohamed Nganzi further revealed that the service had to redirect its resources to other core functions like oversight and representation and the new strategic plan of Parliament is actually looking at devoting more resources to the representation function to support leadership to undertake effective outrage.

And thanked the Executive arm of government for supporting the legislature with adequate resources over the years.

In a media encounter by leadership of the House and members of the Parliamentary Press Corps (PPC), he pointed out that the House had been able to secure its budgetary allocation to run its activities for the year and hope that the trend would continue in the coming years.

He further talked about the complexity of release of budget since it is being done online, and there is delay in the process of implementation of polices, which is not the cause of the Parliamentary Service or MPs.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanamps.com