October 29, 2013

The Police have increased their presence in some public areas across the country after the recent Westgate Mall attacks in Kenya.

The British government Ghana reportedly warned its citizens in the country of a possible terror attacks about a month ago citing the presence of Ghanaian troops as the possible trigger.

Parliament resumed sitting on Tuesday after three months on recess and Citi News understands all visitors to the House were thoroughly searched before they were allowed to enter the building.

Citi FM’s Parliamentary correspondent, Richard Sky reporting live from the House said: “if you are coming to Parliament now, the hitherto situation where people could walk in any how has been addressed. If you are coming here, you must be coming here to do some business with a Member of Parliament [MP].”

“If you get to the main gate, you will be thoroughly searched before you are given access and there should be a confirmation from within the Legislature that indeed, you are coming to transact one business or the other,” he added.

According to Richard Sky, four new checkpoints have been set up at the Parliament House being manned by security personnel.

He noted that the response of the MPs have so far been positive because “many people come to Parliament to harass Members of Parliament for cash. Sometimes, we’ve heard from Members of Parliament complain about the fact that people have broken into their vehicles and stolen valuables…and speaking to Members of Parliament, this is a relief.”

The Deputy Majority leader in Parliament, Alfred Agbesi in an interview on the new development lauded the initiative adding that “Parliament is not a market place where you can just go and look at tomatoes. If you have business doing in Parliament like if you are coming to see your MP, fine, that is a business…”

He advised persons who have genuine reasons for visiting the Parliament House to do so but adhere to the new security regulations which have been put in place.