March 11, 2011

Member of Parliament for Asikuma Odobeng-Brakwa PC Appiah Ofori, is bowing out of Parliament heavily disappointed for failing to fight corruption.

Worse still, he is convinced there are no signs the fight against corruption will be won anytime soon.

Ofori is among a number of veteran New Patriotic Party MPs who announced they will not contest the upcoming 2012 Parliamentary elections.

The MPs have adduced several reasons, but that of the Asikuma Odobeng-Brakwa MP is all the more intriguing.

He said he is tired of fighting a losing battle against corruption and will not waste any more of his precious time.

“I came to Parliament for a purpose to involve myself in the fight against corruption because corruption has been the bane of the national economy.

“People in positions of responsibility milk the country and the money which the government must use to engage in activities that will make life better for the people is lost.

“So I came to assist; to play a role; I have not succeeded. Corruption slips from bad to worse every passing day so I don’t want to waste my time,” the frustrated MP said.

He charged his colleague MPs to shelve their partisan interests for the supreme national interest and help fight the canker.

PC Appiah Ofori rubbished claims that he will not be able to win the party’s primaries even if he contested so had to throw in the towel in anticipation of a heavy defeat.

He said: “If I contest elections in my constituency 20 times I will win 20 times. Even when I said I was not going the communities were begging, pleading with me to rescind my decision. So anybody who says that is simply stupid.”

“If I am there and I am doing it and not achieving anything then why do I bother myself again,” he added.

Source: Joy News