Hon Clement Kofi Humado former ECOWAS MP
September 27, 2021

Despite the enhanced powers of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, there are still some areas that needs to be taken care of to ensure it plays its role effectively.

A former member of Ghana’s delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament, Clement Kofi Humado said an area like Peace and Security was not included in the enhanced powers and is still in the domain of the Authority of Heads and Council of Ministers.

Speakers fact-finding team at Cape Verde

His remarks come in the wake of Ghanamps.com wanting to know, why resolutions and recommendations at the plenary, and fact finding missions cannot be forwarded to Authority of Heads of States and Government to be acted upon.

But the he said, “this is a limitation for ECOWAS Parliament, and therefore if we have to surmount that hurdle, then the parliament has to write a special letter to the Authority of Heads of States through the Commission requesting that the dynamics on the ground have changed, the population of West Africa want their representatives to have a say in the governance of their member states in view of the recent situations in Mali, Guinea Conakry, Niger, Togo and Cote d’lvoire”.

In an interview, he pointed out that he does not know if the Authority of Heads of States would approve the request, but was quick to add that pressure must be brought to bear whiles they approve it, it would become law or protocol like an addendum or amendment to the enhanced protocols.

And with that the Community Parliament can send copies of its reports and recommendations straight to the Authority of Heads of States.

As to whether this feat can be achieved by the current fifth Community Parliament, the former Anlo lawmaker pointed out that during the tenure of the immediate past Speaker Moustapha Cisse Lo, the issues came up when there was a debate on the country report of Togo.

“It was at this stage that the Secretary General and the Bureau conferred and realized unless they had an amendment to the enhanced powers, they did not see their way clear in sending their recommendations to the Authority of Heads of States through the Commission, but the tenure of the former speaker was up and left the stage”.

Mr. Humado further noted that now the Rt. Hon Sidie Mohammed Tunis is the speaker, with ECOWAS citizens feeling discontented, as the dynamics on the ground are changing, over the governance style, “if he did not plan it, I think it is something that has emerged and he has to take it on board, work it out with the SG, Bureau as well as with the support of the Parliament”.

In addition, he noted that the current Speaker has taken on board the direct election of ECOWAS MPs with that being his focus, but, “I guess he has to add this one to it if he wants to make a very good impact by the end of his term”.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/Ghanamps.com