July 12, 2011

Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo has challenged the state broadcaster to clear the air on its supposed hijacking by government for the Sunyani congress of the NDC.

The Opposition NPP is accusing the ruling party of failing to pay for coverage provided during the just ended Sunyani congress and the Tamale congress held last year.

It is also questioning why Presidential Aide Stan Dogbe and Deputy Tourism Minister James Agyenim Boateng were anchors for GTV’s coverage.

Deputy Majority Leader Rashid Pelpuo told Joy News the state broadcaster must set the records straight, adding “they should be strong, they should have nerves to talk. If government hasn’t paid, government should pay and it is important for them to stand on their feet now.”

Mr. Pelpuo said the development is not good for the image of the state broadcaster.

“They are still toddling, I think they should stand and start walking because we don’t have to be protecting them all the time with people making political capital out of state media and giving them an image that in modern times we don’t want our media to look like,” he stated.

He said it is not right that GBC cannot hold its own against the private media and that it is time for this situation to change.

Source: Joy News