December 3, 2018


President of the Centre for Employment of Person with Disability, Alex Tetteh who was prevented from sitting in the Public gallery of Parliament on Friday by security personnel in plain cloth said he felt discriminated against.

Mr. Alex Tetteh was part of the media coalition that stormed Parliament on Friday November, 30, to observe proceedings and draw attention to Members of Parliament to pass the Right to Information Bill (RTI).

According to Alex Tetteh, the security personnel in Parliament had issues with one of his colleagues on Thursday the 29th of November, 2018, because he could not stand when the Speaker was entering or leaving the chamber.

He said in an interview with journalists that the security persons said, “we have been ask not to allow any person with disability to enter the chamber”, he lamented.

He called on the Speaker and Leadership of Parliament to seriously address this issue, “does it mean if I am a disable person I cannot become a Member of Parliament”?

“If I can’t stand when the Speaker is entering or leaving, it does not mean I do not respect the authority of the Speaker or any law”, he emphasised in disappointed.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/