March 19, 2019
Speaker of Parliament, Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye has give a stern warning that members of the Ghanaian public should accord same respect they would give the High court to the Appointment Committee of the House.

According to the Speaker, Parliament is going to insist that only ten members of a nominees close relations like spouse friends and others can be in the vetting room.

We have realized that sometimes, the  numbers that come into the room do not help the process, that is to say the least and there had been giggling all over television and other remarks postures and gestures which are not the best in all the serious circumstances of the process of carrying out our constitutional duties, he added.

He further pointed out that elsewhere like the United States, the examination process, vetting, you go there with your counsel and spouse.

“We need to develop our democracy and strengthen our systemic arrangement, we are going to insist on that”

He made this remarks on Friday and pointed out to the media to carry out this message to members of the Ghanaian public, this development delay the usual ten o’clock start of proceedings in the chamber, as leadership had to discuss this and take a firm decision.

Professor Oquaye again added that, arrangements would hence forth change, as relatives of the nominee would not be allowed to sit behind him or her, “as if to say we are behind you”.

“Sometimes you see from their facial gestures, we would not take it anymore they would be given a reasonable distance to sit with all dignity in the hall”.

We going to have due process and due regard for our process in Parliament; I wish this would be captured  for posterity, all in the interest of our nation.

If there are protocol request, they would be granted accordingly but should be made in advance because people cannot just troop in.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/