January 5, 2015

Member of Parliament for La-Dadekotopon, Nii Amasa Namoale has urged government to enact a law to punish persons who fail to take part in National Sanitation Day cleanup exercises.

He said that law should penalize especially persons who discourage and prevent good citizens from engaging in the national assignment.

The exercise is to uphold good sanitary practices in our surroundings and revolutionize the mind-set of the citizenry against haphazard disposal of garbage and littering.

It is also to inculcate the habit of cleanliness in the citizenry to ensure safe environments and avert the occurence of diseases.

Though the exercise is to be carried out across the country on the first Saturday of every month, it has been realized that lots of people show apathy and have refused to partake in the exercise, prompting the call for a legislation to punish such persons.

In an interview, Hon. Nii Amasa Namolae who took active part in the cleanup exercise in his constituency emphasized the need for a concerted effort by all to rid our cities of filth, adding that cleaning up the environments to avert outbreak of diseases and sanitation challenges is a collective responsibility.

He commended his constituents who found time to engage in the exercise and added that his goal is to ensure a clean constituency, hence he remained committed to always partake in future clean up exercises.

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