December 2, 2019
Ranking member on the Communications Committee of parliament, Alhassan Bashir A. Fuseini has disclosed that the ball is in the court of the Communications Ministry and National Communications Authority (NCA) to help solve the brouhaha surrounding the closure of some private radio stations in Accra, radio XYZ and Radio Gold.

According to the ranking member, as far as he is concerned, the obstacle he sees with his interaction with the Ministry, there is some kind of foot dragging and is something that ought to be looked at.

“The Ministry said they had issues with the radio stations having a case pending before the court, I have it on record that Radio Gold has withdrawn the issue, I cannot speak for XYZ”.

He further pointed out that, the most important thing is that it has been done, “I do not see where the difficulty is. The Committee have had some interaction with the Ministry and we would also meet management of Radio Gold to update them”.

In addition, the Committee can serve as a body that can mediate and get the matter settled but with the posture of the Ministry, “people would think the whole thing has a political under tone as the Ministry is not willing to go the extra mile to resolving the matter”.

Also in the case of Radio XYZ in court, they have said they have gone to withdraw the case in court, he added.

Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/