August 1, 2014

Member of Parliament for Manhyia South, Matthew Opoku Prempreh has questioned the ‘’deafening silence’’ of former President Rawlings, when the country is currently in a ‘’moral and economic depression.’’

He observed that the former President hurriedly chastised the Kufour administration without any justification during the New Patriotic Party’s eight-year reign.

The MP wondered why Mr. Rawlings is currently quiet despite the economic challenges. According to him, since the former President has always “arrogated himself the position of moral high priest’’ criticising everybody, what is he saying about the present economic depression.

He noted that Ghana was in its worst moment now, yet President Rawlings has closed his eyes and ears to what is going on.

Opoku Prempreh, speaking on Eyewitness News, questioned the sudden silence of the vociferous Mr. Rawlings.

According to him, the former President, who usually descended on the late President Mills’ administration and the economic hardship, has become lukewarm to the current plight of Ghanaians.

‘’… has he [Rawlings] not heard from the Supreme Court about Woyome, does he not see the corruption, has he not heard about Waterville?

What is he saying about those who aided and abated Woyome in taking all these money from Ghana, has he not heard that the government is selling the Atuabo project to foreigners, has he not heard the TUC talking?’’ he queried.

‘’Has Jerry [Former President Rawlings] lost all his key political acumen?’’ he added.

Mr. Prempeh expressed surprise as to why Mr. Rawlings could blast the NPP administration which bettered the lives of Ghanaians and be mute about current economic trends in Ghana. Guide