November 6, 2018
Member of Parliament (MP) for Ashiaman  Ernest Henry  Norgbey has said Parliament getting them research assistants is in order and would enhance their work both at the constituency and on the floor of Parliament.

According to the Ashiaman lawmaker this are signs of good things to come and added that the fact remains that most MPs are occupied with Parliamentary and constituency works.

“We need someone who would be doing our daily activities for us and research for us, in this would help us contribute meaningfully on the floor of the House it is good for us”, he said in an interview.

On the issue of research assistants being either masters holder or first degree either a first class or a second class upper he said there was nothing wrong with that.

He further added when it comes to qualifications most of the MPs are not there yet, “we need someone who has the expertise to research, “for us to have effective contributions on the floor, personally I have above the qualification they are demanding from the research assistants”, he pointed out.

“It is good for all MPs to have research assistants; this would go a long way to help us in performing our work”.

By: Kwaku Saki-Danso/