May 3, 2017
Deputy Minister of work and housing Engene Boakye Antwi, has urged leaders of the institution within the county to align with the advice of the president to be punctual and purpose- driven at their work places.

According to the Subin Member of Parliament, leadership is also a factor in shaping the attitude of Ghanaian workers as leaders must re-orient themselves to stick and obey every instruction they give, especially time of reporting to an event and work.

Speaking on Okay FM’s ‘Ade Akye Abia’ Morning Show, Eugene Boakye Antwi mentioned the need for workers to think of the work input rather than the money involved; thus money-driven mentality towards work is corrupting the mentality needed to develop the country.

“In Ghana, we don’t start work on time and we quickly close from work. When people get jobs, the first thing they think about is their salaries and not how they will do the work; we are so money-driven and not the experience on the job. We pretend to be working; our attitude towards work has turned upside down,” he asserted.

“Leadership is also a factor because sometimes we need orientation; when we give time for an event, we should respect it and our followers will take a cue from it. We are so disorganized and we need to do something about it. A seat reserved for MP at a gathering, you will see a serial caller sitting on it; we are indiscipline and when you complain, they say they voted you into power,” he lamented.

But he however wondered why Ghanaians always respect and adhere to every order given outside the country where they work and the same order cannot be followed in the country; thus, Friday work in Ghana is becoming a day-off.

Afua Yeboah/