June 21, 2013

Mr. Vitus Azeem, Executive Director for the Ghana Integrity Initiative, has counseled Members of Parliament on the proposal offered by telecommunication company, Rlg to drill boreholes for each constituency in our political landscape.

“This is a company that has been cited in contracts with SADA and with GYEEDA where there were questions that have not been satisfactorily addressed. So again it goes back to the motive? What is the motive for all this? Where are we going to?”he questioned.

For him, the offer is an imperceptible way to corrupt the MPs and also sway them from the raging concerns lately in parliament to probe into alleged misappropriation of state funds by the telecommunication firm.

speaking on Accra-based Joy FM, Mr. Agambire questioned the motive behind Rlg’s commitment to provide boreholes to parliamentarians, but was quick to add that he should go ahead to provide them but not through parliament,” he said.

According to media reports on Wednessday, Mr Roland Agambire, Group Chairman and CEO of Rlg, had written to MPs inviting them to individually site a place in their respective constituencies for the drilling and installation of boreholes.

Reports further noted that the expenses on the move would be borne by Rlg Foundation, which presumably forms part of its social responsibilities.

“If one is 5000 then you can know how much it comes to. Then you look at the business; how much profit does this person make to make that sacrifice? Then government will come in. Does he make enough profit, how much tax does he pay on his profit to be willing to do this?” Mr. Azeem questioned.

Daily Graphic