December 12, 2017

Member of Parliament (MP) for Wa West, Joseph Yieleh Chireh has said rushed Bills in the third meeting for the first session of the seventh Parliament are likely to have problems at the courts.

According to the Wa West legislator, to make good laws procedures must be followed properly and sufficient time for the laws to be crafted properly.

In an interview with, he noted that when we rush Bills and passed them into laws, like we have seen in this third meeting, when it gets to the courts there will be problems, he lamented.

Mr. Joseph Yieleh Chireh pointed out that managing public time in biggest problem in the Nation, obviously we rushed in passing laws.

“I cannot predict what is going to happened for instance Office of the Special prosecutor Bill we have to sit late, whiles in the morning the House was not doing anything, we need to fresh in our minds when working on this laws and not when we are tired”.

Againthe Development Authority Bills, Northern Costal and Middle belt were similarly rushed.“When people are tired things are not done carefully, my advice to government is legislative programmes should be plan early for an ample time to consider principles of Bills”.

He added that a change in a single word, when not done properly will change the meaning of a whole Bill.

He further pointed out that at the consideration stage of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill, Amendments were moved haphazardly and at the second consideration stage, “we did not know which one we were doing, there are rules about consideration stage”.

Mr. Speaker during amendment of Bills at the consideration stage will say, delete and relocate this clause, if there are new clause leave them to the draft persons. “But most of the time wonder if the draft persons are in the House considering how late we close from the chamber at consideration stage of Bills”, he said.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/