April 27, 2012

As political activities heighten in preparation for the upcoming December general activities, the Member of Parliament for Saboba, Joseph Nikpe Bukari, has expressed confidence that the ruling National Democratic Congress(NDC) is sure to win the election for the second term.

According to him, Saboba will massively deliver the votes for the NDC due to the unprecedented development that the area has witnessed in the short but very impressive tenure of the Mills administration.

Speaking to ghanamps.gov.gh, Hon. Joseph Nipke Bukari stated that the government of the NDC has demonstrated ths commitment to improve the living conditions of the people of Saboba by ensuring the provision of infrastructural development in the area roads, schools and health facilities.

He noted for instance the upgrading of the Assemblies of God health center which prior to 2009 had only one ward and was thus woefully inadequate to serve the health needs of the inhabitants which currently has one additional ward, a mortuary, bungalow for staff and wheel chairs among other equipment.

Hon. Joseph Nikpe Bukari, recounted the poor state of the roads before 2009 which made the town practically cut from other neibhouring towns like Gushiegu and Yendi, but was quick to add that the roads have seen much improvement which has resulted in a boost in economic activities in the area.

He said touched by the good deeds of the government the people have assured of a landslide victory for the NDC in Saboba to enable the Mills administration continue with its laudable programmes.

Kwadwo Anim/ghanamps.gov.gh