April 23, 2021

Notice is hereby served to the general public to be careful and meticulous with persons who would contact them as MPs or Special Assistants to MPs promising to assist them to gain employment into various public institutions.

Ghanamps.com has in recent times received a number of complaints from members of the public who would have been duped by these fraudsters but for their vigilance and the quest for deeper insight into the purported recruitment scams, and contacted us.

Be mindful that these fraudsters create FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS bearing the names of MPs with their PICTURES giving the impression to their unsuspecting preys that they are dealing with the MPs.

It is therefore important to verify the authenticity of anyone who might contact you in this regard, and when in doubt contact Ghanamps.com for assistance on the following numbers:

Call:  +233 501447555 WhatsApp:  +233 244979116 Ghanamps.com