September 7, 2018
Two police personnel guiding the Governor of the Central Bank, Dr Anderson and his Deputy were whisked away to prevent Journalists from questioning them just after answering questions on Wednesday the 5th of September 2018.

Bank of Ghana (BoG) was the first institution to appear before the Finance Committee for probing into what led to the collapse of five indigenous banks, which lasted for three hours.

Just after the in-camera hearing, two police officers who had early  knowledge of  Journalists in Parliament who had pitched, camp waiting to get some news immediately the governor came out and attempted to join the elevator from the seventh floor to the ground floor, moved to survey the entrance.

The Governor of BoG,  Dr. Anderson and his Deputy pretended to be having some discussion at the entrance timing the elevator, immediately it came from the ground floor the security men whisked him away.

When a Journalist rushed towards the governor and questioned him about how the session went, he replied, “it was a nice experience”, before the second question could follow the two police whisked him away and prevented any Journalist from joining the elevator.

By: Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/